Extracting Password Protected Archives with PowerShell


It appears there is no clean (easy) way in PowerShell to extract a compressed archive that is password protected. Booo!


After much searching it seems the easiest way involves downloading and installing the free and Open Source 7Zip.

This then makes the solution very easy…

$7-ZipPath = "C:\Program Files\7-Zip\7z.exe"
$zipFile = "passwordprotectedtest.zip"
$zipFilePassword = "Foo"

& $7-ZipPath e -oC:\ -y -tzip -p"$zipFilePassword" "$zipFile"


One thought on “Extracting Password Protected Archives with PowerShell

  1. This continues to give me an error: cannot find archive. If i provide the full path i also get an error: cannot use absolute pathnames.

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