Interactive Activity Heat Maps with Meditech Data


Cal-Heatmaps wih CSV data

A simple set of multivariate, time series heat maps using cal-heatmapsd3.js and data from the Meditech Dirty Repository.

Code now at the Github Repo (I’ve abandoned the infuriating and frankly futile process of trying to embed and format code blocks here in

The trailing seven days of data is illustrated by day and summarized by hour of each day.

Each cell represents an hour and the roll-over tool tip summarizes the activity for that hour.

The data source is a series of flat files (CSV) exported from the Meditech DR. You can automate this CSV Export with some PowerShell.


Save this code with a .PS1 file extension and schedule it to execute with either Windows Task Scheduler or a SQL Server Agent Job.

If you want to connect the visualization to a live query and feed the visualization directly from the DR, see this post –