SSRS Example Wrapping a long thin tablix into two columns on the page

I have a report table with only a few columns but lots of rows. When printed it runs to several pages with a lot of white space (and wasted paper). I came up with a solution I’ll probably end up using again so decided to write it up and share.


Wrap the tablix into two columns on the page. Records should appear to flow across the page (left to right). As opposed to down the first column then down the second column.


Introduce a hidden column in my Tablix containing a row number.


Copy and paste the Tablix then line the two up, side by side.

Access the Group properties for the default Details1 Group (containing the invisible row number). This is the first tablix on the left half of the page.

Either Filter the group (or set the visibility) by dividing (mod) the invisible row number by 2 and check for the remainder.

=IIF(ReportItems!Tab1Row.Value MOD 2 = 0 , True, False)

Access the Group for the Details2 Group in the second tablix on the right side of the page and filter the group (or set visibility) the same way. Note the switched True/False args.

=IIF(ReportItems!Tab2Row.Value MOD 2 = 0 , False, True)


Pain Dashboard

My result is even numbered record items (row numbers) in the left column and odd in the right column. Report data appears to run left to right.